Who I work with

In recent years I have been working on several inspiring projects in the field of airport development, process development and flow management.

The world’s most innovative airports, from Amsterdam to Auckland, rely on Veovo to optimise capacity, build resilient operations and deliver brilliant customer experiences.

I supported Veovo Denmark (formerly BlipSystems) as a Product Manager, guiding product development and improving the user interface of the Veovo Passenger Predictability solution for airport wide flow management.

AirportCreators is a young creative and experienced airport development company. I supported various AirportCreators projects:

Viggo turn-key terminal operations for Lelystad Airport – I carried out a design review and supported the design verification and validation process.

Strategic Airport Development – Dublin Airport – I supported Dublin Airport Authority with functional requirements specification for various projects within the capital investment programme.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the world largest hub airports, serving over 70 million passengers per year. I supported these Schiphol projects in recent years:

Flow Management System – I supported airport operations as subject matter expert on the implementation of a terminal wide flow management system. Capacity Manager Michiel de Haas (haas_m@schiphol.nl) kindly serves as a reference for my work in this project.

Seamless Flow – I supported the Schiphol Seamless Flow Program as a subject matter expert on passenger operations and flow, by drawing up the functional requirement specifications, considering both the passenger and airline perspective. Further, I reviewed several iterations of the Operational Concept Design. The Seamless Flow Program is a public – private partnership to develop the next generation and integral biometric passenger journey, including passport-control and boarding.

Finavia is renewing key IT systems facilitating the passenger process at its main hub Helsinki Airport and at the regional airports throughout Finland. 

I support Finavia with specifying the functional requirements.

Let’s improve your airport together.

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