Martijn van Boxtel

Being an aviation enthusiast all my life, I started my professional career as a university researcher studying the importance of air transport for regional economies in Eastern Finland. I continued my academic work with a research project on the decision-making process of the expanding of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

In 2005, I joined Royal Schiphol Group as an adviser to the company’s board of directors on Schiphol’s long-term strategy and spatial development. I was involved in projects ranging from sustainable mobility policy to the strategy towards selective growth and the development of Schiphol’s new pier and terminal (Terminal A).

After dealing with strategic issues for nearly 5 years, I joined Schiphol’s Operations Department as Operational Manager Terminal Logistics. My responsibilities were to manage passenger flows through the terminal building, especially security and border control. I implemented a queue time measurement system and was involved in several process improvement projects aimed at improving passenger satisfaction.

I acted as the terminal operations representative in the development team of the new A-Terminal and A-Pier and was responsible for drafting the operational requirements for the terminal and pier that formed the base of the terminal design.

Since 2016, I was responsible for the end-to-end passenger process for departing passengers at Schiphol as Process Owner Passengers.

In 2017, my family and I moved to the far north of Finnish Lapland. There in the land of the northern lights and the midnight sun, I started Marctica, offering advisory services in the aviation sector.

Nillantie 15, 99800 Ivalo, Finland – Tel. +358 45 787 157 45 – – Business ID 2843259-3